A Current Bibliography on African Affairs 2 University of Iowa Press. It does not mean “priest,” for which the standard Egyptian term was hm- ntr hem-netcher , not “follower,” for which the Egyptian is smsw shemsu. Evidence of Advanced Civilizations in the Ice Ages. In another case, Anawalt showed that the Aztec emperors wore a xiuhtlalpilli cape, with a blue and white our emphasis “diaper” design, which symbolized the royal Toltec “charter” of the Aztecs.

The essay will begin with a brief review of the theory that the ancient Egyptians, Nubians, and other “Black” Africans came to the Americas at various times before the s and established or helped to establish its first civilizations. Pina Chan, Roman The Olmec: Nevertheless, reference should be made to the fact that Bradley is also the author of The Iceman Inheri- tance and The Chosen People from the Caucasus b , which are two very controversial books that are also popular with a number of Afrocentrists and Black nationalists. What the Afrocentrists are trying to lay claim to is the underlying root’m am in Egyptian, which means to “swal- low” in the literal sense. See Clegg []: Bureau of American Ethnology Bulletin This means that they were roughly contem- poraneous, or may have even predated the first pyramid complexes of ancient Egypt by roughly four hundred years.

Wiener and Mackenzie also wrote at a time when no absolute dates were available for the existing archaeological sites and when the temporal sequence of cul- tures in the Americas was only vaguely or poorly understood.

Soucek, Svat Islamic Charting in the Mediterranean.

Metropolitan Museum of Art. The first evidence of a black presence in the America, quoted by the author, was given to Columbus by the Indians themselves.

In Van Sertima’s original hypothesis, the Nubians became the prototypes for the Olmec stone heads with their alleged “Negroid” features and “Ethiopian braids. Barber, Theeis Wayland Prehistoric Textiles. Jeffreys, were presented and debated in scholarly journals and books.


This landmark presentation before Congress was sertkma and brilliantly presented in the name of all peoples of color across the world. A diagram of a “typical” Nubian pyramid that appears in Lumpkin Medellm Zenil does not hypothesize that the Olmec stone heads were once painted purple.

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He also claims that purple had the same value and ritual meaning in both the Olmec and Mediterranean worlds. Bagrow, Leo [] History of Cartography.

They Came Before Columbus by Ivan Van Sertima Essay

Hence, there is no discussion of the fact that so-called Negroid features are commonly seen in com- bination in the populations of eastern and southern Asia. For example, Clyde Ahmad Winters, in an article that appeared in the Black Collegian during the early s and was largely based on Van Sertima’s work, said the following: Haemostoma give a scarlet-red hue.

Log In Sign Up. Evolution of Material Culture. Clegg II, the typical “Indian or red man. Although the Afrocentrists are generally silent on this issue,30 it must be noted that all such claims are based on traditional Anglo-American and European concepts that support the idea that specific “races” can be linked scientifically to ideal physiognomic traits. The Archeology of Peru. As a result, the technology being brought to the Amerindians was of African origin.

They Came Before Columbus by Ivan Van Sertima Essay Example for Free – Sample words

No one had any idea of the length of time that separated the earli- est cultures hhesis Mesoamerica from the Mixtecs and Aztecs, and very little was known about the interpretation of the codices. Such phrases or statements apparently have persuaded many Afrocentrists to accept Van Sertima’s hypothesis as fact as opposed to theory or specula- tion.


This assertion, however, is quite doubtful. Needless to say, the evidence for this is lacking.

van sertima thesis

As an acclaimed poet, his work graces the pages of River and the Wall, and has been published in English and German. Principle possibility of trans-Atlantic voyage is studied by Sertima in view of ocean currents.

van sertima thesis

Clair Black Folk Here and There. A crucial part of the arguments posed by Van Sertima and his obsolete sources centers on the manufacture of murex dye, which was supposed to be so complex that the process could not have been invented independently and had to be evidence of diffusion from one region to another Macken- zie Ivan Van Sertima, ed. They Were NOT Here before Columbus The majority of scholars now believe that the colossal stone heads are naturalistic portraits of Olmec rulers who were representative of the indigenous population of the Gulf coast region of Tabasco at the time of the alleged con- tact.

Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours At this point, there is no evidence that proves or disproves the Afrocentric contact theo- ries, but the burden of proof lies with Van Sertima and the Afrocentrists, not with any critic.

Thus, the Afrocentric literature appears to be “hegemonic” and “Eurocentric” from a Native American and Latino perspective —and nothing much more. Muslim Digest 4 2: However, this publication, in contrast to They Came before Columbus, clearly lacks the scope and sophistication of Van Sertima’s book, which has been much more influential, especially with African American readers.