Example abstract page from Solent Electronic Archive. You can have more than one appendix appendices. Data collection and sampling To test current practice against the historical record an on-line survey will be conducted to gather primary source data from companies currently engaged in the export of goods related to heavy engineering projects. Good academic writing is about ease of understanding. Below is a proposed timetable for your dissertation. To aid the search, a table of key terms will be constructed and the sources located will be correlated with this. The List of illustrations is positioned after the Contents page on a separate page and before the Introduction.

Sometimes the literature survey can be a discrete piece of writing that is set and marked separately. Sometimes the literature survey can be embedded in the main body of your writing. The Literature Survey is not in every dissertation. Dissertation proposals This content has been archived! Ask if they can provide you with dissertation writing guidelines. Make sure that the picture is referred to within the text of your essay. Check if your faculty has any specific requirements.

You can also commit inadvertent plagiarism which is where you unintentionally repeat some of the information you have read in the course of your research. etmplate

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Format This content has been archived! What sections go soutjampton a dissertation? Plagiarism is a serious issue that can result in failing an assignment, failing the year or even having to leave the course. Should the USA research prove impossible to achieve, secondary research will be extended in order to provide an alternative means of analysis.


Archived Material (Dissertations)

The book explains the sections required for both proposal and dissertation, and offers helpful downloadable templates to assist with the presentation. The Literature Survey is not in every dissertation. Title page Your title page should have no number.

A systematic yet random sample of companies will be drawn from members of sokthampton British Business Register. Final projects vary in exactly what is involved, but since they generally all sluthampton several months of work they have some features in common: The general idea is that, should someone else choose to carry out the same or a very similar type of study, they should be able to understand and copy your methods from your descriptions.

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southampton solent dissertation template

In other subjects, it is common to yemplate all tables, charts, graphs, photographs, drawings, etc. This is your opportunity dossertation explore an area that is of particular interest to you and develop your independence as a researcher, with the guidance and support of your lecturer.

If someone else chooses to carry out the same or a very similar type of study, they should be able to understand and copy your methods from your descriptions.

Archived Material (Dissertations)

Do not include your questionnaires, interview transcripts, etc. Methodology This content has been archived! Always check the specific requirements of your School or department. Thesis Copyright Statement Thesis copyright statement cover sheet. If you are doing a design or fine arts subject, it is likely that you will include photographs, drawings, paintings or illustrations in your dissertations.


Main body – results The Results section may also be called ‘Findings’. Aim to complete chapter one.

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Use strong positive statements which use strong verbs. Find out more about the conference and the application process.

All forms of plagiarism will be taken seriously – deliberate or not! The download includes other documents that may also be of assistance.

southampton solent dissertation template

Cover page This content has been archived! Example title page PDF opens in new window. Check what is the diwsertation practice in your discipline.

However, one key area will require a number of visits to the British Library as some materials are not available on inter-library loan. The following guides outline how this can be done in Word documents.

southampton solent dissertation template

A secondary cross-reference table will be developed so that data can be viewed from different perspectives. Plagiarism is taking the words, theories, creations or ideas of southsmpton person and passing them off as your own.

Get a copy of this from your Unit page, or visit succeed online vissertation. Ask your supervisor, and look at past papers in your subject to find out which one to use.