We assume that EF deficit is a characteristic of DS. The assessment of executive functioning in children. Results indicate a positive association between maternal fluency scores and greater functional connectivity between regions in the future reading network and brain regions supporting language and cognitive control in the children. Neural modeling of prefrontal executive function. However, less is known about children and adolescents with this syndrome. These results can direct future research and help build evaluation protocols for assessing executive functions , taking into account the different educational levels and socio-demographic profiles of older adults in Brazil.

The alternative to this hypothesis was also evaluated by testing whether lower initial levels of executive functioning predicted increases in rumination or depressive symptoms at follow-up. Published by Elsevier Ltd. We hypothesized that bilingual toddlers with a larger increase of TEs would have more practice in switching across lexical systems, boosting executive function abilities. VF was conducted, using only studies of high- functioning individuals with autism HFA without an additional diagnosis or learning disability. Impairment of EF is one of the most commonly observed deficits in schizophrenia through the various disease stages. Why variations in bilingual experiences matter. Baseline executive functioning was not associated with change in rumination or depression over time.

Age showed a significant negative correlation p executive function tests, attenuating expected decline for age. However, there is limited research on the relationship between executive functioning and language in young children with ASD.

Regression analyses showed that omissions were a significant predictor of children’s grammar performance after various other variables were controlled for: Experience with contrasting stimuli did not benefit executive function relative to reading books with the experimenter, indicating experience with contrastive languagerather than experience with contrast generally, was key.

Business Communication for Executives. There is a strong concurrent association between language and EF skills during the preschool and early school years, kouiijzer children with language impairment show persistent EF deficits.


Full Text Available There are numerous neuropsychological tests for assessing executive functions in aging, which vary according to the different domains assessed. Language proficiencies and socioeconomic status were controlled. Our findings showed that children with either SLI subtype displayed executive dysfunctions that were not limited to verbal tasks but rather extended to nonverbal measures.

We discuss the implications of these findings for sandfa interventions. A clinical role for these techniques is not yet fully established.

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These findings of intact executive functioning in ASD subjects provide a strong foundation on which to construct applications for growth environments and the rehabilitation of autistic subjects. TS school starters had enhanced receptive and expressive thesia on standardised assessment CELF-P and enhanced rhyme judgements, spoonerisms, and lexical decision, indicating enhanced phonological skills and word representations.

Autism Spectrum Disorder and intact executive functioning. Rumination prospectively predicts executive functioning impairments in adolescents.

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One potential source of explanation is the multifaceted experience of the bilinguals in these studies. This study seeks to test whether bilinguals who engage in language selection more frequently would perform better in executive control tasks than those bilinguals who engage in language selection less frequently.

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The findings suggested that there were differences between the children’s pre- and posttest performance. The dissertation also thoroughly tested the hypothesis that the academic advantage of bilingualism is operating through a cognitive channel using mediational analysis in a latent growth model framework.

Thus, each of SES and bilingualism contribute significantly and independently to children’s development irrespective of the child’s level on the other factor.

In this thesis, we investigate streaming as a general solution to the space inefficiency commonly found in functional data-parallel programming languages. Syracuse University English Language Institute: The union of narrative and executive function: In resolving conceptual and pragmatic limitations of existing tools, the Early Years Toolbox EYT offers substantial advantages for early assessment of languageEF, self-regulation, and social development.


The seven neuropsychological tests most frequently used to evaluate executive functions in aging were: Results are discussed in reference to neuropsychological assessment of supervisory attention focused and switching for specific levels of language related to reading acquisition in students with and without language -related specific learning.

Executive functioningan umbrella term for various higher order. However, the results are not those predicted from classic models of language organization. Without question, however, continued research on this important topic will yield valuable information about cognitive development. A scoping review of the occupational therapy literature was conducted following Levac, Colquhoun, and O’Brien’s recommended methodology.

sandra kouijzer thesis

Genetic analyses of the stability of executive functioning during childhood. However, the findings also demonstrate that the effect of bilingualism on EF is limited and unstable. Building the blocks of executive functioning: Executive functions are thinking skills that assist with reasoning, planning, problem solving, and managing one’s life. This study is the first to examine the relation between theory of mind assessed both verbally and non-verbally and various types of complement clause sentences as well as executive functions in children with autism spectrum disorder ASD.

In the autism and developmental literature executive dysfunctions has also been linked to theory of mind ToM and pragmatic language use.