Based on the given facts i. Sir kindly guide for an appropriate strategy for call from Xlri bm program? Manage the time Remember there will be minutes to solve 84 questions divided in 3 sections. And which colleges can I hope to convert? Team CL on January 17, at 8: Multinationals are already present in the country in large numbers. You can obviously search for some good tips over the internet.

The percentile cutoffs for XLRI are: However, it is likely that there will be a webinar for XAT. XAT can be broken into three parts:. Jitender, given your work experience you have decent chances for XLRI if you score high percentile. An attempt of questions could get an applicant a score of questions.

Team CL on April 11, at 8: You have been a great mentor in the journey!

It was lunch time and the Irishman opened his lunch pail, finding cabbage and beef. The last word Selection of questions is the key to doing well in this paper. Based on the given facts i. My academic record 10th — Also do they consider GK and Essay for score calculation at any stage?

XAT 10 valuable Last Minute Tips

In QA I attempted 11 questions and I am getting 10 right. But there is a problem.

probable essay topics for xat 2015

Should the railways be privatized in India in a phased manner like other PSUs. TechI did an 2.


Comprehensions on the philosophy of approximation and Communication was asked with a maximum number of questions from them. The 2 questions out of 3 questions of Critical Reasoning were difficult.

probable essay topics for xat 2015

Hope you attended the DM webinar that was conducted a couple of days ago by Niraj, if not then please log in to your SIS and check the video. I was rewarded a letter of appreciation by General Manager, Production for the results I achieved through my project. I was anxious about my exam preparation.

probable essay topics for xat 2015

Skip to main content. Sir, facing immense probems in quant section of XAT.

XAT 2015: 10 valuable Last Minute Tips

Hi Sir, i Gen category male with 20 months of work ex as of 31st March ii Xth: Which call can i expect to get?? I don not have any friend who went to CL. Abhishek on January 23, at 2: Carson took a taxi to meet her three xzt for lunch. Dear student this is percentile score which indicates pgobable percentage of the total test takers behind you and not absolute score. Politics, Governance, and International Events.

XAT Analysis- Detailed section-wise Analysis & Cutoff

Karan, which city are you in and which CL center are you enrolled in? Sir kindly guide for an appropriate strategy for call from Xlri bm program? Vishal, last year students with a very low GK score could not make it to XLRI and hence while there will not be any cutoff for shortlisting, it is effective there for a final call. I want to ask you what all things you provide for PDP. What is the meaning of this? For example what type of questions you can solve with trial eesay error method; what could be the shortcut to find out the interest; percentage of profit and topucs how to quickly arrive at the desired number; how to compare the DI data in diagrammatical or graphical probablle how to arrive at the square root of some typical number and so on.


XAT Exam Pattern 2020

Just wanted to ask you that…is it fine if i just go through these materials only?? Can you give us the details? Tips to revise grammar and Vocabulary usage Give around 30 minutes to practice the various types of questions that appear in Verbal Ability section especially on the already learnt topics.

Team CL on February 23, at 6: There are both sectional and overall cutoffs.

There were 25 questions in this section in XAT Hi Sir, 10th- 73 12th- 72 B. Sir, I have got 85 percentile in XAT. Work ex 42 months Std X: From which colleges I can expect a call Reply. You will not be allowed to leave your seat till the exam is over.

Definitions of manhood need to be revamped too. Surbhi, hope you got the XLRI calls. Sir my NMAT scores are: What are the chances of selection? There would also be a couple of questions that you will need to leave as none of the choices would seem correct. Lavanya, considering the score and the profile, SP Jain is most likely to happen. The package is around Rs lakh pa.

Hello GP Sir, 1.

Most of the questions from this section xag a sound knowledge of the topic. Dear GP Sir, I currently have 2. Being a final year student,till now my percentage has been Questions on Grammar were also asked, which were rather simple as compared to the rest of the paper. If you have not attempted some of these 3 hour tests then take them in minutes. The LR cutoff has fluctuated between 61 — 65 and at 63 you may miss out on NM call.

Hi I got OA 29 quant There were 25 questions in this section in XAT Apart from this, i have decided to go through the three sheets of gk each comprising around 50 odd questions given by CL kolkata. In the questions that follow, you have to suggest the right course of action to be taken by the protagonist.


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Graduate Certificate in Management. XAT Analysis Available: Brush through your concepts of critical reasoning. Rana, I have been travelling and hence the delay.

Then move to get the available information, whether you have all of that or the requirement xzt more than the availability. Sir case 1 is clear to me.

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Thanks for your appreciation of our efforts. What should I do? Amal, do go for a retake.

probable essay topics for xat 2015

Which All colleges should i apply for? So if you plan to actually work in family business then it is a good option.

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Slim chance for SP Jain is the profile is good. But I am unable to do much about this because there is no good book on DM available and I found the DM questions of this mock extremely tricky as I went through the solutions. Will VA be a spoiler? Sir i am expecting the following scores VA- Soumak, apologise for the delay as I was travelling.


This section is unique to XAT.

XAT 2019 Analysis (Available): Section-wise In-depth Analysis

You can however enroll for Power PDP which has the interview concepts session included within it. What should be the strategy on the day before the test and what are the useful last minute tips to help the aspirants in the examination are some of the questions which go on knocking all the time.

Sir, kindly guide me as to how do I improve my D.

probable essay topics for xat 2015

The four license plate numbers below represent what each of the four women thinks she saw. Can u throw some light on Tiss Preparation also?? An incorrect question is usually not evaluated. Also, what weight will these marks have in the final result?

probable essay topics for xat 2015