Wednesday, March 14th- Students will be placed in Roman Gens, and have new table groups. They will read the Roman Overview, then read about their specific Gen. Finally, they will choose a name to be called by during this unit. Next, s tudents will review practices and concepts of the Hindu Religion by completing a mock interview. Then discuss which jobs might become obsolete in a students life time?

These two assignments will be due on Wednesday, March 1. If it’s sunny and beautiful, consider a hike or a mountain bike ride on one of the hundreds of trails in the area. Finally, what is the paleolithic diet and does it have anything to do with paleolithic man? Monday, March 11th- Students will discuss Greco-Roman history. Students will take their edited paper and make corrections.

They will read quotes out of the Tao Ta Ching and interpret the meanings of many quotes. Next, then look at the secondary source and compare if your own interpretation of the event is the same as the secondary source. Finish typing the paragraph on an Indian Spice make sure it is doubled space.

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I was very impressed with many of the groups Egyptian Nome presentations. You brought in amazing dishes for the Indian Spice Day, the Vice Principal, the Principal and even the Superintendent stopped by to sample your dishes and were impressed, thank flagsfaff to all who participated it was a fun day. After presentations students will become Forensic Anthropologist and study a dissected mummy and try to determine what was that mummies cause of death.


npa flagstaff homework now

Finally, with the time remaining students will bomework on the Renaissance-Who am I posters. Make sure the font is large enough to read from a distance, if you use pictures from the internet please put in your work cited. Homework — make sure the presentation for your dynasty is ready to go for Friday, January 18th. This week we will begin India. Using a PIE or Accordion paragraph students will explain the historical relevance and importance of their invention.

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This will begin a discussion of the importance of staple foods and being able to keep food without refrigeration. Homework- Summarize Cornell notes on the Assyrians and work on mini-mesa project.

Then they will read an article from the university of Oregon about the importance of Spices. I hope everyone had a great three day weekend. Finally, how will the students check to see if their classmates have mastered the information?

Also work on your Trifold board for the Invention Convention.

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Then we will begin to discuss river systems as a place were civilizations begin. Below is a glance at this week and next week. Essay on of our spiritual strivings Who wrote my saber is bent Three purposes of a business plan Thesis dissertation editing services Essay on a doll39s house nora Foreign diplomat resume Designer babies term papers Professional resume writing organizations Homework help algebra 2 cpm Essay on fauvism Best admission essay writing websites usa.


Homework- Make sure Europe Project is finished and ready for Wednesday. Fall weather brings around the glowing aspen and oak leaves with day temperatures in the mids and lows in the 30s.

Find out the name of these two items and what they represented for a point of extra credit or homeork red ticket.

First, below is the 6th grade supply list, this list is for all academic classes. Then weave the story into a drawn cartoon or take the challenge to create it as flagwtaff toontastic.

npa flagstaff homework now

Thursday, September 21st- Mesopotamia- Babylon. Then, the Mauryan Empire and finally ending with the Gupta Empire. Continue to work on homeqork Greek Study Guide.

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As well as play the game roll your role. There are 31 listings for public admin at summitview!

npa flagstaff homework now

Then we will start to discuss cuneiform. Research occupations held in Medieval Europe. After campaign speeches are completed the students will have an election, much like in Roman times were one petitions for votes. Fagstaff, January 2nd- School starts at It has been a great year and here is the last two weeks.