The Advanced Guide to Qualitative Research. Does a potential loss or gain make a product seem more valuable? A single research study is rarely the defining opinion. This yields a fundamental insight. What did they find? Using eye-tracking measurements and self-reported recall, the authors found that the ad banner on the social profile—more than the blog or TripAdvisor—earned the most attention and generated the highest albeit limited recall among participants.

Afterward, the participants were asked to order the communications according to their liking. Read the full study here gated content. However, there was a consistent, quantitative data point associated with trust: Researchers used fMRI imaging of several brain areas during the test. The present study examined whether a violent video game impairs the effectiveness of in-game advertisements compared to a nonviolent video game. Instead, for experts, each study adds to a baseline of knowledge—sometimes aligning, sometimes conflicting with past research. Some features of this site may not work without it.

Researchers used fMRI imaging of several brain areas during the test. Simone Kuhn, Enrique Strelow, and Jurgen Gallinat began their study with 18 women between the ages of 23 and 56, all self-described neuromarketlng chocolate buyers.

10 Recent Neuromarketing Research Studies (and Their Real-World Takeaways)

Treatments ranged from messages highlighting the public use of tax funds to subtle threats of enforcement against tax evaders. The product picture appeared for 2 seconds, followed by a 3-second display of a marketing communication, then the product again for 2 seconds. Subjects decided whether they would fund each project, with real money taken from their study compensation for projects they supported.

In all instances, however, overall banner visibility and recall were low. Their work focuses on two primary means of payment: In this dissertation, I argue for the need to examine the emergence of licensing and branding practices prior to media conglomeration.


Carsten Herbes and three co-authors tackled a narrow topic—consumer willingness to pay a premium for electricity from green sources—that has broader implications. To gain knowledge on the potential future of neuromarketing, a qualitative study was done through a series of in-depth interviews with professionals who have practical disserration for neuromarketing in their respective fields. Neuromarketing assesses how our brain reacts to stimuli, not simply what we self-report in qualitative surveys.

neuromarketing dissertation topics

I agree to get emails. Using electroencephalography EEG to measure event-related potential ERP dissertatipn, the researchers found that negative framing generated the most activity in the early cognitive stage—but that same heightened level of interest also led to more difficult decision making. Moreover, activation was not limited to regions of the brain classically related to language, but also involved emotional, sensory and motor systems consistent with the notion that at some level, the listener actually experiences the story.

Does audio or video content generate more user engagement? Which is a better predictor of purchasing behavior—qualitative research or fMRI scans? Can neuromarketing studies of individuals predict mass behavior?

Next Article Navigation optimization: Before that, he edited encyclopedias. For their study, they showed 36 crowdfunding requests to 30 subjects. Authors Jia Jina, Wuke Zhangc, and Mingliang Chen investigated how framing impacted consumer attention and decision-making when it came to mock product pages featuring wool coats.

Interestingly, the right cerebellum response responsible for value encoding covaried with more positive use intention toward Paypal. Given its ever-increasing popularity, marketers are keen on exploring the benefits of using Twitter to create branded relationships with consumers. Does a potential loss or gain make a product seem more valuable?


Neuromarketing : an essential tool in the future of advertising and brand development

We could say that participants not only focused on the banner sooner, but also more times and for longer, although it was located in the same position on all the websites. This yields a fundamental insight. Read the full study here gated content. For practitioners, they reveal the potential of neuromarketing research and help guide heuristic analysis.

Do different payment options make users more or less confident? Product pricing strategy is something no business that wants to make money can avoid.

To understand its necessity, the research will begin with an in-depth review on what is meant by advertising and branding. The research confirmed the hypotheses: The quality of that initial, subjective analysis, which ultimately guides test selection and prioritizes implementation, depends on the depth of your expertise.

Namely, a range of potential biases in and limitations of self-reported WTPs can be eliminated by our methodology. The women were shown a product picture and six related communications, including a control a toothbrush.

neuromarketing dissertation topics