With a HBO propaedeutic certificate it is also possible to enter the programme, on the condition that you meet the required level of mathematics. Together with other first-years, you will participate in a mentor group. Students will be notified within approx. They can also help you find the right institutions and student desks for your problem. Outside classes and lectures, I like being sociable, creative and to engage with global developments. IRIO does have a focus on world politics and uses a theoretical approach, but it also addresses social sciences, economics, history, law and some other fields Read more.

In that role, I have not only been able to practice public speaking, but I have had the opportunity to meet the most fascinating people from all over the world. Full information about documents required. Participation in this selection is required for all candidates! Research, media and communication are also prospective fields of employment. The study advisors are available to help you with specific study problems. The degree programme will give you the option to participate in a matching activity to see if you and the degree programme are a match. Even though it is considered a remote area within the Netherlands, it is a lively city with many facilities for almost every taste and an easy access to several places around Central and Northern Europe.

The biggest differences between secondary school and university are freedom and self-responsibility.

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International students can do this too, but are not required to go abroad. The first year starts off with an intensive introductory programme, in which you attend your first classes and obtain important study information.

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International Inschrijcen students have to hit the ground running. They provided me with important tools and skills that will be very valuable for my future career and personal life. It is the tyesis understanding and their sensitivity to differences in perceptions and approaches that equips international business students to correctly analyse situations and to determine effective responses.


In light of this, the position of the arts in society demands new form of conceptualisation, definition and legitimatisation. Education Bachelor’s degree programmes Econometrics and Operations Research. It’s interesting to think about what people need and how that translates into customer behavior.

I chose to study IRIO because it is a broad interdisciplinary programme with an international focus. If film is the field you would like to make yours and you have the opportunity to do so, go ahead!

Econometrics and Operations Research

Mitrany was established in February in order to facilitate indchrijven contact between alumni and the Department of IRIO. Apply now Brochure Events Contact 8 Nov. Bachelor – full-time Arts, Culture and Media.

The first year starts with an intensive entry programme, in which you take your first course units, meet your fellow students and obtain important study information.

And when someone asks me what I would do if I need help with my homework online, I would say based on my own experience that there is only one reasonable solution.

The most important skill that you will learn is how to use appropriate models to answer complex economic questions.

English Language and Culture

Bachelor – full-time English Language and Culture. Web Class Are you at secondary school and want to know what studying at university is like? After trailing down various paths in life, studying other courses and working in a professional environment, I decided to follow my passion and it proved to be the most challenging of them all. This online course from the University of Groningen is specially designed for secondary school students.


You will also start language acquisition modules in the foreign language of your choice: I was challenged to dismantle movies, insschrijven put them together again. Why study this programme in Groningen?

Please contact your study advisor as soon as possible if you have any questions about the BSA system. Able to lead the team of cooking department. In addition, you will inschrljven your study progress with your tutor a lecturer-supervisor at regular intervals. I always enjoyed writing and giving my opinions on art, which I engaged in at inschrijgen opportunities. Both seeing and hearing about their experiences has helped me realise that upon completion of the Bachelors program I will be furthering my studies by doing the Research Master in Literary and Cultural Studies here at this university.

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Along my studies my faculty actively cultivated in our classrooms reasoned debate, principled dissent, and incisive collaborative engagement with various issues Read more.

As a student I worked part-time at MIcompany, a specialised commercial analytics agency which combines econometrics and marketing. Web Class Are you at secondary school and want to know what studying at university is like? The deadline for September start has passed January 15, The study advisors are available to help you with specific study problems.

The combination of these four fields provides an extensive modelling tool kit for solving a wide range of economic problems.