Submit your thesis in Thesis Deposit and apply for graduation after your thesis has been accepted and approved by FGSR. Students who have been RTD are not permitted to remain in classes during the appeal process. PhD candidates have a maximum of six years to complete their work irrespective of whether they started the program from a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree. FGSR will also complete the Notice of Oral Defence of Thesis form which states the date, time, and place of your defence as well as the title of your thesis. If you are a completing a Masters or PhD in the Faculty of Education please refer to their website for specific information on how to submit your thesis. Lack of reasonable progress will lead to discontinuation from the program.

Submission of your Thesis Once all committee members have read your thesis and agree that it is acceptable for defense, you are ready to submit your thesis. Locate Adobe Acrobat Resources. If the submission to FGSR is incomplete or the writing in the thesis is determined to be of substandard quality i. Make sure you read all the step needed in the pre-defense procedures. If the supervisor and department support the request it is to be forwarded to FGSR outlining the work that is outstanding and the timetable for completion. An overview of the University of Regina’s Intellectual Property Policy and its relevance for graduate students has been prepared by the Dean and should be consulted. Students must register in the semester of reinstatement or will remain discontinued.

The thesis must be resubmitted for defense no later than the end of the next semester.


fgsr thesis guidelines

These advantages include the accessibility of computing facilities, library, laboratory, and other physical facilities as well as the opportunity to participate in seminars and a variety of on-campus theiss activities. The fold must not extend to the full width of the page in order to leave room for binding.

Thesis and Defense

FGSR has been working to automate graduate student requests. Oversize Pages It is recommended that these pages be avoided.

To be eligible for convocation, all students in a thesis degree program must present and defend a thesis embodying the results of their research. Guidleines documents must be received prior to electronic submission of your thesis.

If a Master’s or Doctoral candidate’s thesis has been judged as unacceptable guideliness FGSR, or the External examiner, then the candidate may be given an opportunity to revise the thesis document and submit a revision for defense.

Formatting a Thesis | Graduate Studies, University of Regina

If the application is older than three years, a new application will be required. Instructions for the Chair of Master of Music Defenses. The Examining Committee as an element for the award of the degree may require evidence of the publication, or acceptance for publication, of a paper by a relevant journal. As an introduction to this new process, the following forms will be available for online request through UR Self-Service: Students cannot be cleared for convocation, receive their degree, or receive a letter of completion for their degree until the thesis has been submitted and approved by FGSR.

Checklist for the Submission of a Thesis.

A student who has been discontinued for academic reasons i. Once your thesis is completed you can start preparing for your defense.

Thesis Dissertation Guidelines | Faculty of Science

This is only required if requesting to delay the release of the thesis. Writing a thesis can be both the most challenging, and the most rewarding aspect of graduate work. Integrity in Scholarly Research. Thesis Committee Release Form.


Thesis Title Page Template. Thesis Committee Release Form. There are several routes available to master’s candidates.

Formatting a Thesis

It documents the findings of the research, and it is to be discussed and defended under competent third party scrutiny. Judgment of scholarly activity is based mainly on the quality and significance of an individual’s contributions to the particular discipline.

If you are a completing a Masters or PhD in the Faculty of Education please refer to their website for specific information on how to submit your thesis.

fgsr thesis guidelines

Supply comparative tables or figures in gukdelines concluding chapter to summarize all major results from the separate papers. Michelle Annett Student Profile: You must use a computer with:. Social Work Supplementary Admissions Information. They will assist with selecting courses, choosing your research topic, writing of your thesis and, finally, defending your thesis.

fgsr thesis guidelines

One week pre-departure classes will included lectures, information sessions, and preparation of a project proposal. If the student later wishes to return to the program, it will be necessary to formally seek reinstatement. Maps, suitably folded, may be placed in an envelope attached to the inner side of the back cover. Also consult department-specific guidelines and your supervisor.