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FPSC should be held accountable and responsible as dubious and unjustified results are being produced. It is not rocket science to figure out that a candidate who is able to get more than 60 per cent marks in Indian History and International Relations should, at least be able to pass the paper of Current Affairs. I can assert with some confidence that the CSS examination is not testing for intelligence or creativity or command over language. The problem with the exam is therefore the deliberate targeting policy of FPSC, which means that instead of the examiners, the failing policy is carried out by the Commission once the checked scripts are back. No facts provided just a few tentative guesses.

This is because they are intentionally failed by the guys at FPSC in order to keep a low number of qualified candidates.

This was indoctrination at its most effective. A test can be rigorous and meritocratic but what also matters is what you are foum for. If it is those who are at best mediocre at policy to be governed by the mediocre senior level then the system is already inclined at choosing them. Feminism is forum only a third world issue. Results are inconsistent with the overall performance of the Pakistani students in all exams and at every forum.

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Please share Part I as well. I can assert with some confidence that the CSS examination is not testing for intelligence or creativity or command over language.

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ShahzadAhmad M Junior Member. A letter from authorities has been disseminated to all regardless their concerns or not is one example of their highly intellectualism. I suggest the aspirants to stop joining academies and prepare for the exam on their own, as academies would only badly impact their approach and would sadly make them attempt the exams in a below-par manner.

Synonyms and Antonyms synonyms: Despite cxs she could not perform well and found it the difficult one. Easy as like shooting fish in a barrel. Essay Paper 1 2 3 Diplomat. I was a gold medalist at GC and went on to win Rhodes scholarship to study at the university of Oxford. Essay Writing Papers Last Island.

Learning to living together. BB code is On. Author did not say the selection should be made by ‘foreigners’.

I also appeared in CSS and just miss it by 3 marks. Author should have spent more time investigating the actual cause rather than blurt out speculations which don’t help anyone. Zoha Shakir CSS Please support us by taking a moment to turn off Adblock on Dawn.


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Thank you so much for writing this, finally someone noticed the cunning and decadent system of exams. There is no need of CSS exams because it’s better that every institution should recruit with own requirement what they want from candidate?

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However, there is no irony over such a situation in a country where university students stop by the newspaper stand onlyto stalk the women in advertisements and no to bother the headlines. Are we not capable to qualify our candidates for such competitive examination?

Anyway,expressing your opinion is not welcomed. The page you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.

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He left a while ago. Mr Writer I have few issues with the theory you mentioned in article. Let it be story of newspapers which will die soon like its predecessors Thursday, August 30, Originally Posted by CommittedSoul.

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Good luck all CSS aspirants