NDTV Beeps – your daily newsletter. An equitable world economic order can only be based on an equitable economic system within each nation. In his speech, he said that India looks forward to consolidating the process of normalisation of relations with Pakistan, not only to ensure durable peace, but to promote beneficial bilateral co-operation. The Janata Government stands firmly for peace, non-alignment and friendship with all countries. Man inherited, developed and still nurtures this good earth and is nourished by it.

India seeks friendship with all and dominance over none. The authority, credibility and prestige of the United Nations face an equally stubborn challenge in Namibia, which has the status of an international Territory. Atal Bihari Vajpayee- the leader of millennium in english. The single all-embracing item on our agenda is the future of man, and it will remain so in the years and decades to come. When they were ready for it, they signed the partial test-ban Treaty. A time Lok Sabha member, Mr Vajpayee announced his retirement from politics in

It is with a feeling of great joy that we welcome the entry of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam into the United Nations. At the same time the Arab people of Palestine who have been forcibly evicted from their hearths and homes must be enabled to exercise their inalienable right to return to their land. He died on November 10, in New Delhi.

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We are not a nuclear-weapon Power and have no intention of being one. First, all peoples have a right to the satisfaction of their primary needs, irrespective of the state of their economies, their levels of productivity, or their geographic location.

Even as India struggles for a better tomorrow, it has demonstrated its willingness to share the benefits of its economic and technological experience with other developing countries. The concept of a new international economic order based on equality and justice has already been accepted by the world community.

essay atal bihari vajpayee the leader of millennium

The great Powers were not in a mood to listen to us at that time. As solemnly affirmed by our Parliament on 22 Julyour people are determined to bring about by peaceful and legitimate methods “a socio-economic revolution, illuminated by democratic bihati, vivified by socialist ideals and firmly founded on moral and spiritual values”.


One could ask; Would it not be economically sound to or a significant flow of financial and technological capabilities from the developed to the developing world as an enlightened answer to structural problems for their own economies? He died in New Delhi today at the age of He specialized in the field of journalism and gained fame.

In a magnificent assertion of the indomitable human spirit, our people reaffirmed in March last their firm faith in a free and open society.

It is a matter of some satisfaction that our stress on genuine non-alignment and our decision to pursue the policy with vigour and dynamism has been understood and appreciated in its proper perspective.

What came to pass took vaipayee friends abroad by surprise. India has been consistently opposed to the acquisition and development of nuclear weapons. That was 14 years ago. Jaswant Singh, the Minister for External Affairs at the time, flew with the terrorists to Afghanistan and exchanged them for the passengers.

The problems of the easing of trade barriers for the developing countries and protection of remunerative prices for their exports remain more or less where they were following the energy crisis.

Essay atal bihari vajpayee the leader of millennium

Even 5 per cent of the total expenditure incurred by the developed countries could vastly help the efforts of the developing countries to achieve many of their modest economic goals.

Domestically, he case study cyclone larry crucial role in Indian nuclear program after it was vajpayee by major nuclear millennuim after conducting a surprise test in Later, his policies promoted social, health and administrative reforms in the country.

essay atal bihari vajpayee the leader of millennium

This problem has bedevilled the relations between us and essay neighbour for 25 years. The arms race, with the resulting arsenals of fearsome weapons, has reached such an alarming stage that the world is poised on the horns of a strange dilemma.


Morarji Desai, has said that India would not go in for nuclear weapons even if all the other countries in the world did so. We are happy that the United Nations has rightly and properly mounted an international operation to provide assistance milllennium the reconstruction of Viet Nam and for the rehabilitation of its people, a task in which my country is extending its full co- operation. At the same time, however, our seers, in an unbroken line from ancient Vedic times to the present, have taught us compassion and vajpajee towards our fellow men.

And continued to be my HERO for many many years. If world opinion continues to vvajpayee wilfully defied by Ian Smith in a desperate bid to cling to power, the United Nations will leeader to exercise all its authority to widen its mandatory sanctions against the illegal minority regime milllennium its South African supporter. The authority, credibility and prestige of the United Nations face an equally stubborn challenge in Namibia, which has the status of an international Vampayee.

We mourn the passing of Archbishop Makarios, the President of Cyprus, and pay our homage to his memory. We do not accept that thesis. He was a very popular and non controversial person. We trust that the discussions in the special session on disarmament to be held next year will identify the priorities in nuclear disarmament and help the formulation of a time-bound programme of realistic and concrete measures for disarmament without further delay.

Charan Singh entered politics as part of the Independence Movement. Not sure about the answer? The United Nations Charter was a pledge not just by nations or for nations. Maharashtra Election Results