Posted by Chandu at 2: Posted by Chandu at 5: Hoping to fare well in the exams. The logic here is: Since the work is done and dedicated to the apache subversion community with Apache 2. Posted by stylesen on Oct 22nd, at 8:

The weekend cricket, trek, quarterly trips and team meetings and many more. Luckily I got a very cool professor who has good knowledge and expert in operating systems. MS abroad is the easiest way to settle abroad. Keep doing this until you fetch the order number of elements in a matrix. The session gave an insight of how to build GNUsim, and how to fix a bug, and how to report a bug. As of now, JJ looks so cool and lightning fast.

dissertation bits pilani ms

After one month, the final sem exams arrived. If you cant follow that, do this. This post is to develop a ranklist.

The Registration card for the continued students is out on June 21, The editors show the tabwidth and the text format by default. It was about Ubuntu 9. Data structures and algorithms was back in my subjects didsertation.

Completed Master of Science @ BITS, Pilani

Though, we lost, I had satisfaction that i did pilxni well in my debut match at LSI: Now its time for some hard core studies. They confirmed that the data structures and algorithms was moved to the next semester. In this post I will be showing you how to convert a set of data in to dictionary format in python.


Sunday, June 26, Exploring Ubuntu Can you please share yours I am thankful to you for posting didsertation online. If there is any, then the game ends.

Many of us often come across this situation while we are in B. Here is an example of how to convert the dictionary data in to corresponding pickle format.

And it was very very useful.

Rg Dissertaion report and viva Could you please give me the mid sem report and share me your viva minutes? And, I am also happy that, I have contributed fairly well to our team.

My Views – Criticisms are most welcome 🙂

I can say this is the luckiest OS of all times for me, I did get placed – dont mind crediting II for it: Since the usn what we type will be stored in the text box of VTU site, it will be in the form of key value pair and it needs to be encoded. Sm I could apply thoughts which I lacked during my earlier semesters. Pillani I had gone for AR Technology which by that time none had even heard of. So, smash the Mid-Sem papers to atleast get a B overall.


To all my batch mates, Wish you all the best! Else, I have to reappear for Data Mining exam again by paying the complete semester fee after all the 4 sem’s get over. The 2nd sem has begun. On a weekend I bought all the semester books. Then I deleted the entire dictionary set in the 1Mib file.

Completed Master of Science @ BITS, Pilani | stylesen

Then, discard the traversed rows and columns. Here are the mid-sem marks. This semester I had my dissertation which I completed a couple of weeks back. With the launch of the hyundai-eon. First we have to import the library for extracting internet resources. The matrix will be reduced by 2 rows and 2 columns.

dissertation bits pilani ms

Thursday, October 1, PyCon India