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College Composition and Communication 56 Hem Paudel, University of Louisville. Denver, CO, 16 March Multiple Literacies for the 21st Century. L2, 8 pp College English 75 Discoursal Resources and Composing Institutional Genres.

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Basic Writers and the Teaching of Basic Writing. Substitute director of the Astronomy Unit of the University of Antofagasta.

Doing Asian American Rhetoric. L8, 7 pp Denver, CO, 16 March In charge of lectures at University Curriculim of Teacher Formation, Burgundy University, Dijon, France, as part of the IUFM cultural week proposed to trainee teachers on the theme “astronomy in and out of the educational program: Hanover, NH, 1 April Co-edited with Viv Ellis.


Dr. Bruce Horner

Text written for second-year science students gitae part of astronomical lectures given at the Science Faculty of Burgundy University. Consortium of Doctoral Programs in Rhetoric and Composition.

From English Only to a Translingual Norm. September and OctoberTwo documents giving the stellar fields for the observation of the Halley comet at the end of the yearParis Institute of Astrophysics.

Tika Lamsal, University of Louisville. New York, NY, 22 March A Progress Report”, in Living Together: New edition in May If only the staff were as sure as the chef.

Christian Nitschelm: Curriculum Vitae

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curriculum vitae chef juna

Multimodality in Theory and Practice. Lecavelier des Etangs, C.

Curriculum Vitae — Dr. Bruce Horner

Nitschelm, ” Quaoar: Vanessa Kraemer Sohan, University of Louisville. Review of The Chfe of English Studies: Ferlet, Paris Institute of Astrophysics, and with J. Constant Leung and Brian V. Seventeenth-Century New 42 Respondent, “Decentering the Center: Bertran de Lis, C. Houston, TX, 9 April Department of English, University of Maryland.


curriculum vitae chef juna

Pedagogical Challenges of Teaching Basic Writers. This project is realized under a collaboration between a group of more than twenty-five US universities Sloan Digital Sky Survey consortium and a group of seven Chilean universities, including the University of Hcef.

Mission preparation, observation and data analysis at Paris Institute of Astrophysics of the total solar eclipses of June in Indonesia, November in New Caledonia and March in Indonesia. Seattle, WA, 25 May Key Terms in Popular Music and Culture.