What did you do in the great banking crisis daddy? We have only previously had that data at school-leavers’ level, and this now allows us to have an extra set of information around year and year performance. There need to be educational benefits and it needs to be consistent with area planning. Trust me that I am not talking about my school in this regard, because we are not one of the advanced ones. We discussed Irish-medium and integrated education. Some of your points are well made, Jonathan. That provides us with indications from schools reporting themselves on the extent to which they have been involved in sharing, whether it is lessons, resources or out-of-school activities, with other schools.

With respect to Irish-medium and post-primary education in the south-west area, it may well be that one solution is for children to go to Monaghan or wherever. My concern here is that teachers, those who know best, should be listened to with respect to the levels of progression. There is no encouragement. Is there a reference anywhere in the plan to the words “integrated education”? Given the fact that the inquiry has been announced, is there enough interface with the Department, given that, we hope, those youngsters are through the education system? That might be picked up by the team looking at Irish-medium post-primary education.

That is not a question; it is a fact. That is why it is being published in December instead of November. I will just make the point that there is no reversal of the decisions that the Minister took about where we want to get to.

Everyone then has a gusiness.

Official Report (Hansard)

IATA recommends to all participants in the supply chain to use the Industry MOP when defining internal processes and in discussions with business partners. Skip to main content. It is the same for integrated education. At the moment, it is telling us that the publication date plna likely to be 10 December.


c2k business plan

John, I, too, wish you all the best in your new role. Where I am taking this is to the current inquiry into child sexual exploitation and the 22 cases that we are aware of that are all connected with care institutions. What did you do in the great banking crisis daddy?

c2k business plan

We will be in touch to discuss that. You are already aware, from the end-year progress report in last businsss plan, that, although significant progress c2i made across a wide range of priority areas, some areas of work in which we had hoped to make greater progress slipped and businees been carried forward into this year’s plan.

Could you furnish the Committee with the analysis or point us in its direction? As you alluded to, it comes down to the fact that a lot of decisions made are based on very individual circumstances that relate to wanting a place in a very specific and individual provider; perhaps because it works for wider childcare.

If we could reflect the great work we do in those sectors, it would go a long way. It is clear that there are misunderstandings about what people can expect. In fact, a key decision was taken at the outset that, because of their diagnostic nature, the computer-based assessment outcomes would be kept in a school and would be used to inform decisions in it.

Airport Cargo Handling Manual You are right to say that it normally gets published in November. When we finally got hold of the report, there were a lot of issues busimess it. So, that suggests to us that we are at the point now where we should be looking at how the revised curriculum is embedding in primary and post-primary schools. Given businesss fact that the inquiry has been announced, is there enough interface with the Bussiness, given that, we hope, those youngsters are through the education system?


Assign resources and responsibilities; implement, monitor, adjust.

It is important that those outcomes inform the way forward. The Minister shared that view with the Assembly, and I think that the Assembly debated a motion not that long ago on the same thing.

C2K’s approach to change strategy development

A plan sets out the detailed specifications for implementation, including steps, responsibilities, resources and control systems and processes. Where are we with the procurement of the contract? A lot of these issues are beyond the capacity of the schools to deal with. I will make a couple of remarks to start the session. However, one of the observations of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development OECD experts who looked at it was that there was relatively little scope for conversations of that challenging nature between post-primary schools and primary schools, and there was very little evidence that post-primary principals and schools were able to feedback their view on the veracity of the assessment data that they received from primary schools.

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Flexibility is certainly an advantage if you can take advantage of it. I know that it is not in legislation, but at least llan demonstrated the will of the Assembly.

That is not extra spend, and it is why we are very clear that we do not want to generate proposals that we would not have been doing something with anyway. The schools that are pushing at the boundaries would like to have more than they have.