I wanted to show everyone, including myself, that I was capable of anything. The International Institute was helping us to overcome our problems. I saw heaps of stone somewhere and then there was something like water down here, and there were a lot of clouds. We just carried our children and the clothes on our backs. In the camp, religions coexist in harmony.

Years of negotiations to convince Bhutan to take back the refugees bore no fruit. Yet, after living in refugee camps for close to 25 years, the journey to a foreign country, where they will have to get accustomed to a completely new way of life, learn a new language, and adapt to a new culture, is one that is fraught with worries. Send feedback and tips to the author. Louis, Missouri in the United States, my heart was full of hopes and dreams. Here’s the full transcribed essay, followed by a photocopy of the handwritten document, courtesy of the institute:. Now, I am ready for jobs, and to face the problems by myself. I decided to leave in but due to some problems our process was suspended.

We raised our voices to the government to return us to our home country but it was all in vain.

Daily RFT has since obtained a copy of a personal essay he wrote last year, on view below, which underscores just how tragic his death is. The situation of this refugee group is full of contradictions.

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For the younger generation especially, the prospects of pursuing higher education and careers refuvee the US are particularly appealing. But for them, excitement is mixed with sadness: It was difficult journey from our country to the United States. I hoped it would be a better life than in the refugee camp in Nepal.

bhutanese refugee essay

I was so delighted. Now that I think about college, the future and a new chapter in my life, I am much more optimistic. I learned the English language and the history about the United States.


Slain Refugee Mon Rai’s Heartbreaking Essay About St. Louis: “My Heart Was Full Of Hopes”

Anna Husarska traveled to their refugee camps to document their plight. Today Tomorrow This Weekend. For Dirga Bahadur Dhakal, 71, and his wife Maya Duku, 65, the last few days before resettlement have been busy, with streams of relatives and friends visiting them to say goodbye, many of refuee sharing their memories of more than two decades.

Louis, Missouri in the United States, my heart was full of hopes and dreams,” he writes in the essay.

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But despite many rounds of talks between Nepal and Bhutan no refugees have gone back and India does not allow the refugees onto its territory, which lies between the two countries. We must be free and I hope that the king someday will realise that. Preparing for life outside the camps. As it stands now, the status of the Bhutanese refugees is very precarious: I was so excited when I arrived at the St.

bhutanese refugee essay

It helped us adjust to the new environment. During the flight to Kathmandu, she keeps her nose glued to the window of the plane.

And with many already settled in the US or other countries, many see leaving Nepal as a hope for a better future, especially for the younger generation. What might help the Bhutanese a little bit versus other refugees is that they come as a eefugee unit which enables both parents to get out and work and to be part of society.

Photo essay: refugees from Bhutan

Yet, despite concerns about adjusting to life abroad, the prospect of becoming self-sufficient outside of a refugee camp and of esay moving past their ordeal is one that is exciting for the refugees.


This has been the most challenging thing for me in the United States, as well as learning the routes to get to different places. I soon learned what it was to be bullied for being different.

Whereas the children and teenagers expect to pick up English — or other languages, depending on where they are being resettled — in no time, it is clear that the adults anticipate greater difficulties in learning the language fast enough to find jobs and navigate their new surroundings.

We have a good apartment to live in, a car for transportation, and citizenship in the United States. We had to leave everything behind. After over a hundred years of absolute monarchy, in Bhutan became democracy by… royal decree and it even held elections, although the campaigning was said to be carried out only reluctantly. We didn’t have sufficient bhutaneee to eat, no sanitation program, no good health services,” Rai wrote in an essay last year. They also provided us food, shelter, money, health services, job readiness and English language classes.

This woman, an ethnic Nepalese of Hindu religion, had to flee. We were floating there, in a kind of limbo, unsure of who we were and what our future held. Please enable JavaScript to view the comments powered by Disqus. Rai was shot and killed inside the 7-Eleven on Gravois Avenue yesterday just after midnight.

bhutanese refugee essay