I also link this with my top trump cards see previous posts to consolidate learning and students understanding of what sports require certain components of fitness. Students could take part in various activities such as getting students to conduct 6 x 30 metre sprints for anaerobic, 3 x metre runs for lactic acid system and then a metre for aerobic system. I think Handball is going to be a popular sport to be assessed in the early years of the new specification, but I would encourage you to check out LeeA blog here before you start. I think Table Tennis you can see real progress if all students are playing singles and developing their game but with a class of 24 you would need 12 Table Tennis tables. A season would run the course of a term with the winning group being given a prize for being placed in first position. Students love to know where they are at and with teachers under more pressure than ever to predict and estimate results this resource will certainly help with that.

So, with this in mind which sports should you focus your lessons on. Students really enjoy this as it gets them working with their partner, it shows me whether they have understood the content from the previous lesson and it gets them working under a little bit of pressure particularly when they know that the theme tune is coming to an end. I have had students undertake risk assessments by coming into a facility that I have set up prior to the lesson with deliberate risks set out. This gives the students a great understanding of how much exercise and the intensity of the exercise required to burn off a chocolate bar or a packet of crisps. The rest of the class are given bibs or pieces of card — red on one side, blue on the other, representing oxygen-rich and deoxygenated blood.

aqa gcse pe coursework exemplar

Components of fitness is another topic, which can be taught practically. As always I would love exrmplar hear how PE teachers are using GAFE as there are so many add ons that you can choose from that are relevant to education. I came up with the idea after I saw my class list in July I realised that out of the two classes courdework we have studying GCSE PE mine was the one with the more challenging students.

aqa gcse pe coursework exemplar

It also lets you produce reports on the data you are entering, which is a fantastic tool for events like coursdwork achievement evening or parents evening. Obviously Basketball and Handball you would need to have the facilities inside and again with Handball ideally coursewrk are going to want more than 2 goals. I am not ep huge fan of role play but social factors such as the role gsce influence of the media and the role and influence of sponsors could be taught this way.


Now, what happens when a Mega Millions player buys a ticket on Lottery Master? I either get in the morph suits myself or I get students to put them on and then discuss the theory content using the morph suits to identify where on the body certain bones and muscles are. I currently have an International Kickboxer at my school studying the course but unfortunately he cannot use it as one of his sports, so for the purpose of the course he is focusing on the Boxing side.

AQA GCSE level PE: Success in the NEA – Keynote Educational

You can access the top trumps by clicking on this link. At the legs area, give to one person at that area, who turns the card over, passes it to the other person, who then returns the deoxygenated blood to the carrier. Now ecemplar are assessed in 3 sports, one of which must be a team sport and one of which must be an gdse sport.

I will always try and look at a topic and see if I can incorporate different ideas and methods to teach it to the students. In particular there was a ggcse of 4 boys my class has 19 boys and just 4 girls who although not badly behaved were generally late to lessons and did not work well when put together as a group.

This post was written by Simon Bradbury PeBrado. Homework — issued every time homework is set — on time and complete 2 pointson time but incomplete 1 pointlate but complete 1 pointlate and incomplete 0 points and no homework 0 points. The points accumulated by each student after each class test or practical unit ciursework be added together with the other members of their team. I would then get students to take part in an activity that they have not possibly taken part in before and not go through the rules etc so they can identify the dangers as the activity develops.

This may mean that students are even more likely to want to gain points as it is not just for themselves but for their two other teammates. How long do students spend on a particular sport before moving on? As you add questions it totals up the current mark of the paper as well as how long the paper should take.


I am using Google Forms more and more in my everyday teaching as they are a great way of collecting data and information. Each Plickers card is unique so you need to allocate each student with a card and keep a record of it, which again you can do on the website. Below are a few that have worked exejplar for me but also that the students have really enjoyed and learnt from.

aqa gcse pe coursework exemplar

Revision material to show students how to revise, taking notes. The rest of the class are given bibs or pieces of card — red on one side, blue on the other, representing oxygen-rich and deoxygenated blood. In a previous blog I talked about how I created top trumps cards to assist with the teaching of the components of fitness. Orange Slice Orange Slice is a grading add on within Google Docs that allows both you and the student or their peers exwmplar grade their performance.

These reliable and accessible textbooks are structured to match It is time to start thinking as an adult and get the best GCSE coursework asa help on the market! Homework being submitted has definitely been improved and with the help of the mypeexam platform, it is easier to track homework and particularly when students are completing it. Furthermore to ensure the boys remained interested and engaged their groups would be changed every term still remaining mixed ability keeping that positive attitude.

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This is a fantastic website that has really made a difference to our students in terms of completing homework, consolidating their knowledge and developing their perseverance with certain topics they may not master first, second or coursedork third time. Aqa gcse pe coursework writing phrases a level kit ap world essay grading scale kindergarten essay book for upsc exam updates a2 ocr biology coursework. As always I would be interested to hear if any teachers have tried something similar or variations on this model.

Plickers is an app that you download onto a device iPhone, iPad etc.