I thought the normal procedure for something like this would be “stat2 ” eg. Ntp has something of a protocol issue to be addressed as well. Generally, the bigger and older the company is, the more unmaintained cruft you have. The Year problem could begin today. Make sure your k is the first thing you certify as compliant. Especially in critical applications.

Some bit versions were fixed to use bit time, however that’s always only an option. I don’t know what phone you had in , but I had a Nokia in and it was the best phone ever made. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. That allows old binaries to run unchanged, as long as you retire them before How is it possible to upgrade our solutions and applications to deal against the problem?

And it started with Unix, which was a skunkworks hobby project, so a thinking of “we’ll solve it within the next 68 years” is perfectly reasonable.

The Year 2038 Bug – Y2K38 Problem – Many of your applications will crash

Zitrax on Mar 21, Same, I’ll be Hacker News new past comments ask show jobs submit. You probably perform some kind of verification fesearch or validation – how does the tool chain look like? More like this Let Us Calculate! Nition on Mar 22, That is a great term.


Countdown to Y2K38 | ScienceBlogs

This was not true reswarch much of early UNIX history. With the pace things are headed, I can tell from deep conviction that the current generation OSs will have phased-out by then.

Moreover even 64bit timestamps wouldn’t be good enough for certain applications that require sub-second precision.

As our applications without exception were of a financial nature, our computer did not include ;aper floating-point hardware unit available at extra cost. Hans Dietrich 6-May Yes, people absolutely cared about bits and bytes, because they weren’t very many of them.

Time to Panic About Y2K38?

But once you have milliseconds, microseconds are nice to have The Y2K38 problem has already surfaced, once, according to a Wikipedia article. Y2K38 is coming, and as of Saturday, the j2k38 countdown has already begun! There’s always someone on HackerNews who has done something pertinent to almost any discussion it’s one of the best things about being here, in fact – are there any COBOL guys or gals who made a fortune fixing Y2K bugs who’d like to share their story?

Shift from bit systems to bit systems.

Time to Panic About Y2K38?

The microcontrollers on these pa;er don’t have MMUs. The NTP issue will actually surface inso your consultancy better be up and ready 2 years early! I need to go, but if you have more questions, feel free to ask, and I’ll reply in a few hours. Should a K resistor properly be called K0? Lee Humphries 6-May It wasn’t intended to be sarcastic. I didn’t see any way to ersearch changes that are nearly decades away in code I write today. A RasPi has no chance of running for 20 years off a single A-size non-rechargeable non-serviceable battery.


Laissez-faire programmers caused a problem for their employer by not acting in the 90’s.

But null is also not a value by definition so then it becomes hard to do a range check when using say, a start and end date. Later the time was changed to whole seconds and redefined to be the time since January 1, I don’t work on medical devices, so validation is more inline with normal product validation.

y2k38 research paper

Yes, this is even in 32 bit development. I think, if the ANSI C program discussed in the article is, for some reason, being used in the yearwe will need to worry more about that.

y2k38 research paper

Time synchronization between systems that do not share a clock line is a pretty recent thing. Hi Douglas, I completely agree with you. Research material for you: Maybe researcg can title himself an epochalist.