I think this novel is perfect for a teenaged audience and older because the content of this book is definitely for a more mature audience. Due to her lack of protection from her father, she completely loses her innocence and her childish ways. Women portray all of these stereotypes in the novel “Lullabies for a Criminal”. Those legs were one in a million. I also feel sympathy if she was exposed to drugs at such a young age. As she is forced to become an independent adult at the age of thirteen, what should be known to her as the most wonderful time of her life is taken away from her.

Throughout the entity of the novel, it becomes clear that Baby does not have many females in her life as she does with males. I feel sympathy for the author if she had a rough childhood. Men and women both play different yet significant roles in the story. As I have now finished reading this novel, I have come to realize that examining Lullabies for Little Criminals from a feminist perspective has allowed me to gain the most insight into the text presented to me by the author. In my narrative essay, I was able to give my opinion and I was hoping to make the readers feel emotion and learn something from the essay.

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Most blog posts tend not to go past the word mark; however, as you can see, I clearly struggle with surpassing this mark. Women becoming prostitutes use their power by tempting men to have sex with them theais they can make money.

thesis statement for lullabies for little criminals

The struggles of femininity can be an emotional topic, especially for women, which is why I believe a persuasive essay is the most relevant choice for discussing this issue. Overall, it seemed like most of the characters in this novel associated women to sex and nothing else.

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In each paragraph, I am hoping to highlight a specific issue Baby encountered revolving around the struggles of femininity. However, after spending most days with him, playing with kittens and reading children’s books, instead of spending her time at Alphonse’s apartment, using drugs and having sex, she realizes that Xavier is not really a brand-new phenomenon in her life – just a forgotten one, a characteristic of life that she has been deprived of. As I have now finished reading this novel, I have come to realize that examining Lullabies for Little Criminals tor a feminist perspective has allowed me to gain stateent most insight into the text presented to me by the author.


I wish everyone good luck with their assignments! Although concept maps may get super busy and look absolutely crazy with the amount of ideas showcased, I think it will be another excellent platform to explain my ideas about Lullabies for Little Criminals. Her and her father, Jules, a 26 year-old, live ztatement a very poor and dangerous part of Montreal, where finding evidence of drugs both in the streets and at home was extremely common.

Unfortunately, she does not have responsible adults in her life to tell her the negative effects of drugs, and hence she does not grasp the dangers of drug use. I can only wonder and ask satement question, why; why does Baby accept this lifestyle? Here Baby Speaks matter-of-factly, without any resentment towards thedis mother but more resolute that her life is shaped by her circumstances — without love, self esteem or respect for self.

As I have previously mentioned, my portfolio will contain different writing lullbies media texts, which will express my ideas about the novel analyzing through a feminist perspective that will allow my audience to observe and think about. Baby is the child of a young father, named Jules, whose life is quickly spiralling downhill due to his addiction to heroin.

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She begins to do the odd, childish things that she used to do, such as naming pigeons, and she soon becomes the carefree child that she used to be. I picture Baby and Jules house to be very messy and dirty.

I also chose to write my narrative essay from a feminist point of view. She was taken advantage of sexually by Alphonse, verbally and physically fro by her father, as well as harassed on the streets by other men. There should be no stereotypes of either gender, and no stereotypes that distinguishes what gender is stronger or expectations of each gender.

Posted by Kristin at Hence, these are just a couple stwtement I may face when putting together my portfolio. Through the use of characterization, mood, and structure, O’Neill develops the idea that childhood can be a vulnerable and fragile time of one’s life, yet it is not realized that it can also be the most precious until is has slipped away.


Baby clearly identifies in the novel that Jules did not have the skills as a mother, and the negative influences in her home and out in society impacted the way she remembers her childhood experiences. Men have advantages to tell women what to do once they have paid them, but women in this novel are able to tempt men dor giving them fod.

With a blog post, I will be able to express my ideas more freely, but I will also be able to make more text-to-world connections and provide commentary to my audience.

thesis statement for lullabies for little criminals

thezis During my very short, but busy time littlee the Grade 12 University level English course, I have come to realize that I have developed many skills as a writer and media text creator. I need to make sure my ideas are condensed, yet effective and capture the audiences attention rather than spilling out each and every idea that comes to me head. This description of Alphonse describes him as a charmer who tricks women by his looks.

Lullabies for Little Criminals

As she begins to become more and more close to Xavier and his childish characteristics, she starts to act more and more like the child she used to be. With this, I will use logos, ethos, and pathos in order to have emotion in my essay and persuade the audience that although this novel is non-fiction, the struggles with femininity experienced by the main character are still relevant to women in modern-day society.

For instance, while Baby was with her friend, Marika, she told her how women make the most money: Baby is an example of a sex object in the novel, which is shown when she gets paid to have sex with men. Most men in the novel also play the roles of drug dealers and buy prostitutes. Baby has never been told otherwise and will never understand the dangers of heroin use.